All programs at the USA Zapata Golf Academy are fully based on the fundamentals of the long and short game. That is why our academy has two schools:

Short Game School

We all know the fastest way to lower your scores is by improving your short game. Our program has been designed to help you achieve an improved short game through better set-ups, shot selection, and execution. Students will receive a complete video analysis, of their short game for feedback and review.

Putting: Proper technique and execution for consistent putting. Main areas of focus are the pre-putt routine, set-up, alignment, and stroke. Special emphasis on speed and reading greens.

Chipping: Club selection, set-up, execution, and distance control will be practiced with the goal of getting “up and down” in two.

Pitching: Club selection, set-up, and execution for high soft pitch shots will be the emphasis. Distance control for different yardages will be practiced.

Sand shots: Learn the proper technique and execution for the various sand shots.
Rough shots: Learn the proper technique and execution for the various rough shots.

Practice: How to practice your short game effectively and set goal to lower your scores each round.

Full Swing School

Bonaventure Golf Country Club Learning Center offers a great Full Swing Golf School. Based on what good players have in common, our program has been designed to help the golfer to achieve a more consistent swing and improve their shot making ability.

Students will receive a complete video analysis of their swing to keep for feedback and review.

Pre-swing fundamentals: Explanation and practice of the correct set-up. The grip, posture, stance, and ball position as they relate to swing foundations. The important of consistent alignment of the club face and body in relation to the target, and the effect it has on club pathway and ball flight.

Pre shot routine: All good players in any sport, establish a successful repeating routine to help them achieve the proper mind set and produce the desired results. We will help you establish the one that works best for you.

Full swing: We will explain and practice the principles of good swing motion, with an understanding that there are acceptable variances even among top players. With a good set-up and pre-shot routine, we will work with you to help you produce a more consistent motion for better ball flights and shot making.

Practice: How to practice with a purpose rather than “hit and scrape”. Realize the difference between swing practice and target practice, and how to best utilize your practice time.

All lessons and clinics are at the prestigious Cooper Colony Country Club located in Cooper City, Florida.

Cooper Colony Country Club, 5050 SW 90th Ave. Cooper City FL. 33328 Tel: 754.244.2687

Grand Palms Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort : 110 Grand Palms Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

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